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Sarah Jane

This page is dedicated to Sarah Jane Luce, turn of the century midwife and teacher.  This is her family.

Their European Origins

  • 17th Century England (assumed)

Their American Journey

  • Massachusetts, circa 1700 - 1770
  • Vermont, circa 1770 - 1835
  • Livingston County, New York, circa 1835 - 1865
  • Berlin, Green Lake County, Wisconsin, circa 1865 - 1887
  • Flandreau, Moody County, South Dakota, 1887 - 1914

Their American Story

Our most recent Luce ancestor, Sarah Jane, was, we believe, descended from a New England Yankee family whose English forebears had arrived in North America in the early years of the Puritan migration. Originally from Gloucestershire, they settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, moving into Vermont by 1790.

From Vermont, the Luces moved on to Livingston County in western New York state, where Sarah Jane's father Warren S. Luce worked as a laborer in the town of Geneseo. In the summer of 1836, he married Margaret MacGregor, a Scots immigrant, in Geneseo. Their first child, Samuel Warren Luce, was born in 1838 and Sarah Jane in 1842. In 1865 their mother Margaret died and Samuel took his family west into Wisconsin bringing sisters Sarah Jane, Cordelia J. and F. Lucina along. Their father Warren remained in Geneseo, where he remarried, living there until his own death in 1899.

Our Luce Family Heritage

  • Our English Heritage
    • Our Anglo-Saxon heritage, the cultural and historical inheritance
    • Our Briton heritage, the cultural and historical inheritance of ancient Britain
    • Our Celtic heritage, the cultural and historical inheritance of celtic Britain 
    • Our Germanic heritage, the broader cultural and historical inheritance of the English
    • Our Norman heritage, the Vikings from France who conquered England
  • Our Northern European heritage

Our Luce Genealogy


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