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Skoop Lake to Cherokee Creek, BWCAW, Photo © 2002 by Earl J.S. Rook

Skoop Lake to Cherokee Creek, BWCAW
Photo © 2002 by Earl J.S. Rook


Making Interlake Connections in Canoe Country



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Portage Table Format

No. To/From To/From Beymer Fisher McKenzie UofM
  • 2132
  • Portage
  • One Island
  • 240
  • 184
  • 220
  • 134.8

  • Purpose

    The purpose of these portage tables is to provide a consolidated list of Canoe Country portages by region, and to present a side by side comparison of the lengths attributed to these portages by various sources. Of the four sources reviewed, Beymer is the premier trip planning guide for the area and Fisher and McKenzie the two most used map series. The UofM resource is an online database and mapserver. Because of the nature of its methods of distance calculation, the lengths in this column will almost always be the shortest, and the least reliable. The portage numbers are those of the USFS, as obtained through the UofM database.

    At this time, commentary and other information on the various portages is included with the commentary pages of the adjacent lakes, streams, or entry points. As such commentaries are added to the site, they will be linked to the portage tables. Please feel free to submit any additional comment or information on these portages which you think might be of interest to other visitors.



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    • McKenzie Maps, McKenzie Products, Minong, WI

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    Travel Planning

    • Beymer, Robert, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Volume 1: The Western Region, Wilderness Press, 1988
    • Beymer, Robert, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Volume 2: The Eastern Region, Wilderness Press, 1991

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