Elatine minima

Small Waterwort

Small Waterwort, Elatine minima, Photo courtesy of Wisconsin State Herbarium and Robert W. Freckmann
Small Waterwort
Photo courtesy Wisconsin State Herbarium and Robert W. Freckmann

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  • Elatine, from the Greek, 'elatinos (elatinos), "of the fir"; used by Pliny to refer to a plant of the genus Antirrhinum (Snapdragons).
  • minima, from the Latin, "small"
  • Common name from its size relative to other Waterworts


  • Kingdom Plantae, the Plants
    • Division Magnoliophyta, the Angiosperms (flowering plants)
      • Class Magnoliopsida, the Dicotyledons
      • Subclass Dilleniidae
        • Order Theales,
          • Family Elatinaceae, the Waterworts
            • Genus Elatine, the Waterworts
  • Taxonomic Serial Number: 21411


  • A small, annual herb, forming small moss-like mats on mud.
  • Leaves opposite, oblong to obovate, rounded at tip, to 4mm long, petioles absent. Small membranous stipules in leave axils.
  • Stem smoothe, branching, to 2" long.
  • Roots unbranched, thread-like
  • Flowers small, single, and stalkless in leaf axils
    • Sepals 2
    • Petals 2
    • Stamens
    • Pistil 3 styles
    • Ovary superior (within blossom)
  • Fruit a round capsule
  • Seed has rows of small rounded pits


  • A small, inconspicuous plant of muddy shores and very shallow waters.
  • Distinguished from other small, inconspicuous shoreline plants by its opposite leaves with small, membranous stipules in the leaf axils.
  • Distinguished from the closely related, and in our area much less common, Long Stem Waterwort (Elatine triandra) by having flowers with 2 sepals and 2 petals rather than 3.


  • Newfoundland to Ontario and Minnesota, south to Maryland and Virginia.


  • Shallow water and wet shores along lakes and ponds, usually where sandy or mucky.





  • By seed



  • Hardy to USDA Zone 3 (average minimum annual temperature -40ºF)
  • Not known to be available commercially.



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