Honker Lake

Making Connections


  • Fisher F-12, Little Sag, Tuscarora, Temperance Lakes
  • McKenzie 7, Tuscarora


  • DNR Lake No. 160601
  • Lake Map No. N/A
  • Lake Table No. 8A
  • MDH Fish Consumption Advisory - N/A
  • MPCA Water Quality - N/A
Honker Lake
Scale 1:21420
Full image approximately 2 miles square


Honker is a small lake on the eastern boundary of the BWCAW, 4¾ miles south of Gunflint Trail's End and 45½ miles ENE of Ely. It is connected to Bingshick downstream by a short 15 rod portage; the creek may also be passable. The forest wrapping around Honker dates from the big fire of 1864, with isolated remnant stands dating back to 1801 surviving of the southeastern corner and amid the younger trees of the west end.


Honker has no established campsites but is quite convenient to the two fine sites on Bingshick.

Planning Considerations

Honker is not on the way to anywhere, but does offer an accessible side trip from Bingshick for fishing or just exploring a new lake.


Honker harbors White Sucker (Catostomus commersoni) and Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), the latter likely an immigrant from Bingshick where the species has been stocked. White Sucker, of course, are ubiquitous.

Notes and Comments

One would assume that the name for this lake is derived from the common slang for goose, but one never knows for sure up here.

Line of Spruce Trees

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