Bat Lake

Making Connections

  • Portage East, 25 rods, to Green
  • Portage South, 25 rods, to Gillis


  • Fisher F-12, Little Sag, Tuscarora, Temperance Lakes
  • McKenzie 7, Tuscarora


  • DNR Lake No. 160752
  • Lake Map No. C0229
  • Lake Table No. 8B
  • MDH Fish Consumption Advisory - N/A
  • MPCA Water Quality - N/A
Bat Lake
Scale 1:21420
Full image approximately 2 miles square


Bat is a small, deep lake, in the Gabimichigami basin, 6½ miles WSW of Gunflint Trail's End and 43½ miles ENE of Ely. Only ¾ mile from end to end Bat is over 100' deep. It sits something over 50' above the northeastern end of Gillis, at the upper end of one of the steepest 25 rod portages in the BWCA. A first time carry up from Gillis leaves one huffing and puffing, expecting the trail to level off at any time, but it doesn't. The climb ends at the great rock ledge that forms the portage landing; a massive granite dock.

The forests on the northern, eastern, and eastern half of the south shore of Bat date from the fire of 1854, which burned to the east as far as Round Lake and Tuscarora. The forest on the west end, and the western half of the south shore, burned (probably re-burned) ten years later in the Gillis Lake fire of 1864. Except for isolated pockets which may have survived the two fires, none of the forest ringing Bat is more than 145 years old.


Bat has three campsites, somewhat dense for a small and open lake of its kind, but it is situated on something of a wilderness highway. Not surprisingly, then, Bat has something of a history with another, much larger mammal, one with a soft spot for food bags. Hang 'em high!

Planning Considerations

Bat is primarily a pass through lake. However, it is close enough to the Round Lake entry to make its campsites appealling for a first or last night stopover.


With depths to 110', Bat harbors an abundent population of Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush), due in large part to stocking of the lake with fingerlings in 1989 and 1991. It is hoped they will begin to reproduce naturally. The lake also has White Sucker (Catostomus commersoni) but no other gamefish species.

Notes and Comments

A lovely little lake which would be a real gem, were it not so heavily traveled.

Line of Spruce Trees

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