Cross Bay Lake

Making Connections

  • Portage North, 24 rods, to Ham and Entry Point 50
  • Portage South, 60 rods, to Rib
  • Portage West, 80 rods, to Snipe


  • Fisher F-12, Little Sag, Tuscarora, Temperance Lakes
  • McKenzie 7, Tuscarora


  • DNR Lake No.160526
  • Lake Map No. B0078
  • Lake Table No. 10E
Cross Bay Lake
Scale 1:21420
Full image approximately 2 miles square


Cross Bay Lake is a narrow, sprawling, multi-armed lake in the drainage of the Cross River. From the east, it accepts the waters of the Cross River tributaries Extortion Creek and Dawkins Creek. At its north end the lake extends downstream beyond the boundary of the BWCAW, ending with a 24 rod portage into Ham. To the south a 60 rod portage alongside a rushing rapid connects with Rib upstream. At the end of the western arm, an 80 rod portage leads into Snipe.


Cross Bay supports three established campsites, two at the southern end near the portage up to Rib, and another midway up the western shore.

Planning Considerations

Cross Bay is a long and twisting link on the Cross River route, which runs up from the Ham Lake entry through Cross Bay, Rib, Lower George, and Karl to Long Island. It is a popular route and something of a main highway into Long Island. It also provides one of the primary approaches to Tuscarora by way of Snipe to the west. Parties more interested in something a little different may want to consider using Cross Bay as a base to bushwhack up Dawkins Creek to Dawkins Lake, or to explore the many small lakes just to the south in the Hairy Lake Primitive Management Area.


Notes and Comments

Line of Spruce Trees

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