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The Rook Family's Home Page




This family history home page project had its origins in a Rook family reunion, the first such gathering in decades, and, perhaps, generations, held 1 June 1996 at the Floyd Rook place in Bothell, Washington. The reunion drew the descendents of Francis Marion Rook (1881 - 1935): Floyd and brother Lyle, the surviving sons of Marion and Delphi; the four surviving cousins of the next generation, Earl’s son Francis, Wayne’s two daughters Faye and Gladys, and Floyd’s son Paul; and five of the xx second cousins of the succeding generation, Earl’s grandchildren Earl Jay, Judd, and Mark; and Floyd’s grandchildren Christina and Raymond.


The purpose of this web project is to integrate family history and genealogy, and, specifically, that of our family, into the broader context of culture, history, and place. This project has several objectives, verging on the overly ambitious:
  • Cultural - We are the heirs of cultures ancient and rich, with histories that span the millenia, from the northern and western fringe of Europe and eastern woodlands of America. Our inheritance is of Stonehenge, Uffington, and Cerne Abbas; Saga, Edda, and Triad; Thor, Cerunos, and Brigdit. It is handed down from druid, viking, and carl, peasant, carpenter, and farmer, from beyond the Arctic Circle, to the Schwartzwald, and the gorse choked moors of wild Caledonia, to the eastern woodlands, the tall grass prairies, and the sand hills. We can draw upon a culture of greater richness and meaning than that of modern day America. These pages are a celebration of the ancient inheritance that resonates in the depth of centuries.

  • Educational - For the younger generations this project tries to address that perennial question: "Where do I come from?" As you will see, it is not a simple answer but is a fascinating one. Over the past three centuries our family has lived, in its own small way, the story of America, from colonial settlement and the Revolutionary War, through the opening of the continental interior and the Civil War, the turning of the virgin prairie and the growth of small town America, to the dispersions of the latter 20th Century.

    It is hoped that this bit of history at the personal level will help to illuminate the broader sweep of national history. The colonial charter to William Penn opened up a new life and land to our ancestors from continental Europe. The opening of the Old Northwest Territory allowed the Browns, Kipps, Rooks, and so many others to move to new lands on the frontier. The Louisiana purchase brought us Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. And, lest we forget, the western expansion of Europeans nearly destroyed the Native Americans.

  • Genealogical - While the primary genealogical purpose of this project is to assemble, in relatively accessable and understandable form, the essentials of our family history, for the use of the family, it is also recognized that this material may be of use and benefit to other researchers. And, yes, part of the motivation behind the home page project is to go trolling for Rooks on the Internet. The new technology provides opportunities to connect with distant relations which were not previously available. We hope to take full advantage of them.

  • Spiritual - In a broad sense, connection helps to bring meaning to life. These pages are about connections, with families, yes, but also with more distant ancestors, with our history, and with our homelands.


  • This is a family oriented resource and, as such, will not knowingly provide links to sites with what is, in our minds, inappropriate content. That being said, neither will we gloss over historical realities. Real life, for our ancestors as for ourselves, was not necessarily polite, tasteful, or politically correct.

  • This project has a specific focus on the history of our extended family. It is not intended to compete with, duplicate, or supplant other web pages focused on specific families, locales, or the practice of genealogy in general. It is not intended as a general resource, though it is hoped that it will prove useful to others with more general interests. It will delve into detail only on locations where the family resided, and during those time periods in which they lived. Thus, the culture and history of 19th and 20th Century England and France will be largely ignored as the family had, by that time, already established itself in North America.

  • Not all information is appropriate for the Internet. We will limit the information published about living persons to their name, degree of relationship to others (ie, daughter of, father of, etc), and email address/URL unless specifically requested otherwise. We will try to serve as a clearinghouse for sharing other information among family members off-line.

  • This is not intended to be just another collection of links to other web sites. It is intended to present information and factual content not otherwise available on the web as well as original essays, commentary, and analysis.

  • This is a non-commercial, not-for-profit resource and, as such, will not waste precious band width with advertising (though we won’t rule out wasting band width with silly graphics from time to time).

Participating in this Project

This is an open project and the participation and contributions of other interested persons are welcomed and even encouraged.
  • Contribute an URL.  Let us know of a link you think would enhance one of our pages. We are especially interested in other Rook family pages and pages on the other surnames in our extended family. A proven family tie is not necessary.
  • Link us to your page.  Please feel free to add a link to this site on your page if you think it appropriate. We'd like to hear about it if you do!
  • Contribute stories, old photos, or other information about the people and places featured here. Come on, cousins, let's not hold back!
  • Correct our mistakes. (Not that we make that many, of course)
  • Offer suggestions, comments, constructive criticism.


  • The author of these pages would like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions of server space and technical assistance generously provided by Valley Internet Company, an Internet service provider in Yamhill County, Oregon.

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